Nine Ways To Save

Student Loans – Nine Ways To Save

When it comes to student loans there can be a number of ways that you can actually save money. In a lot of cases, many students often have multiple loans and many of these may all have different interest rate and terms.

Having many loans against your name can have a detrimental effect to your overall credit score.

Let’s look at some ways in which you can save both financially and monetarily with your student loans.

Tips to Save With Student Loans

Consolidation. You can save several ways when you consolidate all your loans, you will save money over the long term and you will save your credit rating by only having one loan, this will give you a better long term score also which will help you well into the future.
By consolidating, you will also have a greatly improved Debt-Income ratio which will make a significant impact on your ability to obtain a housing or vehicle loan later in life.
When you consolidate your loans, you will not have to depend on using credit cards as much which means that you will have even more savings on interest charges.
Develop a financial management plan that will help you keep a track of your finances this will also help to keep you more aware of your payments.
When you consolidate now, you will be locked into the interest rate right now and so you will save money from increasing interest rates in the future because yours will stay the same.
When you consolidate, you will be in a position to obtain even more discounts, many companies offer more discounts you just need to find the ones that do.
When you arrange to have your payments deducted automatically then you will also be eligible for a more favorable interest rate on your loan and even more when you always make your payments in a timely manner.
Choose the right time when you need to have your loan deferred when necessary because your accruing interest will stop also saving you a little more.
Think about setting up some sort of passive income while you are studying. There are many different low cost or no cost businesses that you can set up online and this way you will building for your future as well.

I hope that this article about student loans has been of help and I wish you well with your studies.

Lessen the Debt

Student Loans – Lessen the Debt

It is always a great idea to apply for student loans, we just have to always be mindful, however of the size of the debt that we will be accruing over our learning years. Once we become more aware of the details of the debt(s), then we can work on some simple solutions to help lessen and even eliminate that debt altogether.

Something you might like to consider is that once you have set up your loan and got that squared away, you may like to consider setting up a parallel method of accumulating funds. This can easily be achieved by using the many free tools you can find on the internet. You just have to find the right method of generating a passive income that

1. Won’t take much time to set up and

2. Will run on auto-pilot bringing in funds on a regular basis.

You will find a few tips below that will give you some more ideas of how you can help lessen and take control of your debt.

Tips to Lessen Your Debt

· Scholarships. Get started early and apply for as many scholarships as you can, the more you apply for then the more chance of obtaining one or even more of them.

· Try not to Have Many Loans. Always be mindful of the fact that no matter how a student loan may appear, it is always a debt that you will eventually have to repay.

· Longer Term. Try and get a longer term on your loan so as to lessen the amount of your monthly re-payment.

· Partial. It may be prudent to only accept a part of the loan, just use what you really must at this present time, you will be thankful later.

· Loan Type. Always go for the Government loans as opposed to the Private Sector loans, the government loans will always have a lower interest rate.

· When. Try not to apply for a loan until perhaps your second semester. The later you apply for it then the less you will have to borrow and the less debt you will accrue.

· Passive. Look at several methods that you can generate a passive income. Search the internet for bona-fide methods or simply just ask your friends how they are making money on the internet.

· Fast Money. The latest craze now is about Crowdfunding or Crowdsourcing, this is where you simply set up a crowdfunding offer and ask people to donate to your education fund, you will be surprised at how many strangers and good Samaritans there are out there. This is one of the fastest ways to make money online that I know about.

I hope you have gained some useful tips about student loans and how to minimize your debt.

Options for Students

Student Loans – Options for Students

There are many different options that are available for student loans these days that make it a real buyers’ market for the student. Even better news is that there is some fierce competition between financial lending companies that means even bigger savings for the student.

The hardest thing that you have to do is to choose between the best companies and sort out what options each has that will best be suited to your circumstances.

Below we will look at the options you will have available to you as a student.


Before you begin to look at what is available it is a good idea to have a pen and paper handy and take some notes. It is also an idea to make a spreadsheet up and list the advantages and disadvantages of each company’s loan details.


It is always a wise choice to choose the Government loan above all others because they usually offer the lowest interest rates and also the longest term, this is so to make the loan available to almost everyone who applies for it.

You can also get it even if you have a poor credit rating or none at all. This type of loan is ideal if you don’t have an income.

These types of loans are historically easier to get the worse your personal (financial) conditions are.


These are the loans with a higher interest rate but can be a bit more flexible with what they can offer you. Most of these loans normally require certain financial criteria to be fulfilled for you to be accepted and they also may require you to have a cosigner.

These tend to have credit and income requirements just like any other private loan which means that you probably will need a co-signer if you are a young college student. If your financial situation is well established, then this is probably not going to be an issue for you at all.

There are a great deal of other options for you to consider also, these are:

· PLUS Loans

· Stafford Loans

· Sallie Mae Student Loans

· Many more private companies to choose from

This is why it is important for you to make a details list of all the companies and loans you think are worthy enough for you to consider and list all their pros and cons. This way you will be able to make your choice of student loans a very well informed one.

Pay Back Student Loans

8 Easy Ways to Pay Back Student Loans

They are many ways that you can pay back student loans and we will cover a few of those methods in this article.

In a recent study is was revealed that about 50% of college graduates all have student loans and that the average debt was over $10,000. What appears to be happening is that loans are rising at more than twice the inflation rate.

With these continual costs rising it is no wonder that students are needing more financial assistance.

Here are 8 Easy ways to pat back student debt:

1. Have a Plan. Work out a strategy that will allow you to pay off your debt well before you graduate.

2. Have a Savings Plan. It might be an advantage for you to either get a part time job to help you or look at other methods of raising passive income. Some methods to raise extra needed cash include setting up a crowdfunding campaign, start an online business or even write some eBooks about something you are passionate about

3. Double Think about Consolidation. This is the method of pulling all of your existing loans into just one loan. The advantage of this is that you will only have one payment to worry about and you will also probably get a discount from the finance company

4. Debt Reduction Through Work. There are several things that you could do to help reduce your level of debt, you might like to try your hand at self-publishing on the Kindle platform, you might like to set up some sort of internet venture or one of the quickest ways to make money online these days is to set up a crowdfunding campaign. This is my favorite because it means that you can get money quickly, you can either use one of the more popular crowdfunding sites or even use your own software (there are low cost plug ins that can get you set up within minutes).

5. Earn as you Learn. Enquire at your campus office to find out more details about their work to study programs. There are many different programs available, you just have to ask the right questions.

6. Scholarships. Another method to help with your tuition is to apply for scholarship programs, there are many different types of these available and although it may seem like getting one is like finding a needle in a haystack, the fact is that the odds are in your favor. If you apply for,say 40 different scholarships, the odds that you will actually win 3 or four of these is highly likely.

Search online to find the latest and most popular websites that can help you in your quest.

7. Grants. Apply for grants, same deal here, apply for as many as you can and the law of averages will be in your favor.

8. Credit. Always make sure that your student loans are made in a timely manner, this will help improve your credit rating and may make it easier for you to get more credit in the future when you may need it the most.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about these ways to pay back student loans, just go out there and try them.

Student Loans

Student Loans – Just the Facts

One of the questions that most students are asking today is that of ‘how can I get student loans?’, it seems to be at the top of everyone’s hot list and rightly so. Because once you have worked out a financing plan with a student loan or even multiple loans if needed then everything else will fall into place. There will also be a lot less stress because you would have overcome the first major hurdle to your education and indeed it will help to make a massive impact on your future after your schooling.

Below we will look at a few facts that may help you understand your options. I have simplified the answers somewhat so as not to confuse you with masses of needless ramblings and I have stuck to what Detective Friday used to say years ago, in that T.V. show Dragnet “Just give me the facts ma’am!”

Just The facts

Below is a list of tips and facts that are not in any specific order, it is just a collection of useful tips that you can store away, keep a note of the ones that resonate with you and throw the others away.

1. Before you decide to commit to any loan it is advisable to talk to your school counselor. They have their finger on the pulse and will have the latest information about student loans that will be applicable to you and have the experience to help you narrow down your search for the perfect loan. Although, not all loans are perfect but the trick is to find the one that is perfect for you.

2. Lots of educational institutions are starting to go paperless these days with many applications forms readily available for you to fill out online in the comfort of your home.

3. The first option you should consider when getting a loan is to always look at the Government loans first. They normally have much lower interest rates and you can have longer terms also.

4. Government loans were set up to provide those students that may be financially challenged and/or have some other challenging situations affecting them in their lives so as to provide as many people as possible with their right to a good education.

5. You can find the Federal Student Aid application form online and can apply online when needed.

6. Quote “For every human on Earth there are 1.6 million ants” (this has absolutely nothing to do with student loans, I just wanted to see if you were still awake).

7. After you have completed your FASA form after it is evaluated, you will receive a Student Aid Report that will show what loans you are eligible for.

8. Once you are granted a loan, you do not have to accept it.

9. It is possible to only use a part of your loan, this will depend on the specific loan provider’s conditions of course, but it is possible.

10. Private loans normally have a higher interest rate but can be more flexible with the amount of money they can provide.

11. It is a real buyers’ market, in other words, you, as a borrower, are eagerly sought after by all these loan companies who are competing. This can give you even more of an advantage because you could think about negotiating and even better deal with them.

12. Most lenders will have an online portal where you can submit a loan application.

13. The Government PLUS loan system was set up to help parents seek out the best type of Government aid for their children.

14. When you fill out the Government loan application it will probably be required that you have your parents with you as some of the information needed will have to be furnished by them.

15. When filling out any loan applications, you will have to supply detailed information about your current finances including and loans, credit cards and any other relevant information.

16. You will also need to provide all you cosigners details if you have one.

And last but not least…

17. “The total weight of those ant, however, is about the same as all the humans”